Front End Developer

My name is Musatov Yuriy. I am 28 years is old. I'm Front-End Developer from St. Petersburg.


sedona tamplate
Sedona Template
Adaptive and responsive (flexbox, media queries), LESS, BEM, pure JavaScript (DOM, JSON, AJAX).
bootstrap portfolio
Todo List
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Material Design.
online radio
Online Radio
Adaptive and responsive (flexbox, media queries), LESS, pure JavaScript (DOM).
Porfolio Material Design
Portfolio Material Design
Adaptive and responsive (flexbox, media queries), LESS, BEM, jQuery.


Valid and semantic markup. The use of tags of html5. Markup with an eye on SEO. Application of methodology of BEM.
The use of modern css3 styling techniques, such as flexbox, filter, transition, animation. Adaptation of design for all devices and browsers.
The use of preprocessor Less for the unification of css code and speed up his writing. Use such opportunities as, variables, mixins, nesting, mathematical operations, color function.
Using the popular framework Bootstrap in order to simplify and accelerate cross-browser and cross-platform layout.
The basic syntax and main features language features, to revitalize the site interface and facilitate data exchange from the server.
That would give the site dynamics, to facilitate its understanding and use to make nice, I'm using the popular jQuery library.

My tools

Less, Gulp, Photoshop, Sublime, Git, Livezilla, Notebook, Brain:)

About me

I was born in the city of Chisinau in 1987, but grew up in the city in the far North, Norilsk, where left at the age of 18 in Saint Petersburg. Graduated from Saint-Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation in 2010. Married and raising a beautiful daughter.

In 2008, for the first time confronted with the web world professionally, when I started working in one digital Agency. On to 2014, worked in different companies of Saint-Petersburg on the position associated with web technologies. In the last year I gradually move from managerial competencies marketing competencies technical, and I like it. In the near future want to gain a foothold in the field of web development as a strong specialist in front end side. Perfectionist approach to layout sites. You're always learning new web technologies. High performance and great motivation for productive work.